How do you keep Geeks in suspense?

I’ll tell you later.

September meetup scheduled for Thursday is CANCELED.  The October meetup is very much in doubt, unless someone else wants to handle scheduling, etc..

I’ve accepted a new job that requires me to be on the Peninsula during the week.  Since I do not drive, I will be very scarce most weekdays.

Some discussion had taken place on the mailing list not long about about a revival of the late-night pie/pancakes/coffee.  I might be game for that if it happens.

If you have questions, shoot me a DM in IRC, or send me an email.  Apologies for the short notice on this, but I didn’t even know myself until after COB last week.


Synthetic Wig Care

Watch New Chris Rock Good Hair Movie Trailer Video Sneak Preview Online

Artificial hair is popularly used by men in the form of ‘toupees’ for various reasons. We are so fortunate to have a national figure in the beauty industry come and share his talent, creativity and generosity to help continue the mission of Wigs 4 Kids and support us in serving the children of Michigan,” Wigs 4 Kids Founder and CEO Maggie Varney told the St. Clair Shores Patch.

Whether you are dressing up for a gala costume party or taking your kids for a swanky dress up soiree there will be no shortage of popular characters and heroes for you and Cheap Extensions Online 2015 your kids to dress up as. Generally most of the Lycra spandex Bodysuits are tailored as unisex fits.

Prior Research and Wig Expert Consultation: Buying the best lace wig is also founded with careful research in all aspects about it. Online resources are plenty and different advises from hairstylists and fashion experts are readily accessible.

The costumes of these eras are popular for different reasons; the 70’s costumes have become a craze and stayed as a staple of costume parties, the 80’s costume gained popularity with the trends of that era coming back into mainstream fashion.

How exciting life must have been in those regency times for a woman, sitting around in a drawing room for days on end, in a bonnet, playing the piano, a game of whist or reading a book until some men finally chose to visit!

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Fashion Wigs

Oh My What Dress Will I Wear

Ladies wigs are now a rage among women who face partial or total hair loss. Women who belonged to the higher strata of society used ribbons, silk, fillet, and wimple that were studded with precious stones, feathers, pearls, and even used gold-colored wires to adorn their hair.

Louis Ferre wigs collections feature short hair wigs such as Carla, Coco, Daisy, medium length wig styles including Emerald, Gwen, and Linda and long hair Louis Ferre wigs with Jennifer, Janice, and Estee.

Different types of hats and caps have been used since ages to fulfill the needs of ever-changing fashion trends and religion as well as to symbolize social status, communal identity, professional rank (especially in the military and armed forces) and guard the head, the seat of the superior Hair Weft 2015 human intelligence, against forces of nature.

Besides these different styles of hats, other headgear such as scarves, caps, bandanas, headbands, bonnets, hoods, helmets, wigs, turbans, crowns, tiaras, also form a significant part of fashion and traditional dressing in various countries, cultures and religions.

African-American women are susceptible to traction alopecia, which is gradual hair loss that occurs due to a persistent tension or pulling force on the roots or follicles due to styling hair in tight braids or cornrows.

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